Stephen Nankervis

Senior Commercial Consultant


I have primarily worked in Sustainability, Sales and Commercial Strategy, Modern Slavery and Corporate Risk. This work has been in a diverse range of sectors including FMCG Manufacturing, Retail, Global Commodity, Government and non-profit environments.

My favourite projects are those where I work in partnership with people within an organisation to facilitate growth and explore what’s possible, rather than just refining what’s already present. Some are quick, some are very long range, and these are a few recent favourites:

·  Modern Slavery Engagement – to work with a multinational retailer to deliver a published modern slavery statement. This included supplier roundtables across multiple clients and industry sectors, supply chain mapping and risk assessment to ensure there was a clear picture of the business to deliver a comprehensive statement.

·  Fairtrade Global Coffee Group – This team, drawn from the global Fairtrade cohort, came together to design the next 5-year strategy for coffee, Fairtrade’s largest commodity. The project involved broad stakeholder engagement from farmers, traders, roasters and the retail trade to gain a deep understanding of the challenges to resolve. The impact will be greater inclusion for farmers, faster and more accurate data and strong commodity growth through 2025 and beyond.

·  Fairtrade Ingredients – Creating a new Fairtrade Model was a complex challenge within a global, regulated and compliance focussed certification structure. My critical understanding of the intersection of the retailers, traders and manufacturers involved in the ingredient industry enabled the initiative. By challenging, and then creating a change to the licensing structure, Fairtrade ANZ were able to pilot an innovation that vastly simplified the path to manufacturing Fairtrade Certified products for the retail market.

I completed my Hotel Management qualification at William Angliss College in Melbourne, before adding a Masters in Management from Monash University (and the University of Chile) in 2016 which focused on change management, strategy, global economics and sustainability.

I work in sustainability because I am keen to live in a values led and ethical society – and to achieve that, I believed that I needed to be part of the solution, not watching on and hoping someone would eventually get to it.  

In my spare time, you can usually find me cooking for friends and family, on a tractor or managing cattle on our small farm in Central Victoria or skiing on a mountain somewhere.

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