Sarah Sannen

Sustainability Consultant

I have always worked with a broad range of stakeholders, keeping closely connected to my passion for systems and systems thinking. With a background in economics and anthropology, I enjoy bridging the space between ‘corporate’ thinking and positive social and environmental impact.

My favourite projects are those where I can see both individual perspectives shift (including my own!) and the potential to shift the larger system. For example:

·         The GECA Waste Contractor Services Standard required extensive consultation across the waste supply chain and with the myriad of regulators involved in waste. At a time when the public discourse on waste was shifting, we had the opportunity to change the way property managers and waste contractors were interacting

·         The Global Ecolabelling Network Working Group on Critical Raw Materials allowed me to collaborate with leading ecolabels from all over the world, learning the contextual struggles of each country and the values that were embedded into their approaches, with a shared vision for including the lesser known issue of critical raw materials into our multi-issue certifications

·        Finally, my personal project of Co-Creating the New Economy using Shared Values began as my motivation for my master’s thesis but will remain my lifelong work as I attempt to democratise economics by engaging communities on what values are important now and for our future. 

I work in sustainability because my father once told me that whilst he didn’t regret having any of us, he regretted that this was the world we would have to grow up in. As the oldest of 5 children, I decided I needed to be part of the change and help my siblings experience a truly regenerative culture.

In my spare time, I dance and get into nature as much as possible to remind myself not to forget the awe and mystery of our beautiful world. 

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