Sarah Bray (Campbell)


New Zealand

My skills are in building and delivering complex projects using the best available science. Having relocated back to NZ I am now working to apply these skills across government and industry here. I have been with Edge Environment since it’s earlier days and have largely worked in the sustainability and environment sector prior to that, so I’ve seen a broad sweep of sustainability initiatives, trends and government interventions. This experience gives me the ability to think critically about sustainability projects and drives a desire to deliver projects which exceed stakeholder expectations and provide true sustainability benefits.

My favourite projects are those which bring multiple stakeholders together to build and deliver outcomes with benefits to our environment and our society as a whole. These projects generally require adaptive project management styles, innovative thinking and drawing on technical advice from various fields. Some examples include:

NSW Environment Protection Agency Circulate – Leading the Edge Environment Circular Economy program, helping to drive medium and large businesses to become more sustainable. By focusing on waste as a resource, we diverted thousands of tonnes from landfill and established new processes and infrastructure for ongoing resource recovery.

Climate Change Resilience – Developing and delivery of the Property Resilience Exposure Program (PREP), which is helping build more resilient built environments. By working with local governments to collate, collect and analysis housing material data, the PREP provides local governments with resilience mapping to understand the exposure of residential properties to a suite of hazards.

University of Sydney Sustainability Communications – Working in partnership with a design company, we delivered sustainability promotional posters and a Green Office Toolkit for the University of Sydney. We used the best available science to develop robust fact and statements and employed the latest methodologies for communicating sustainability and climate change to the community

I have a Master of Environmental Science and Law from the University of Sydney. My undergraduate degrees are a Bachelor of Science majoring in Marine Biology and Ecology and Biodiversity; and a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies from Victoria University in Wellington.

I work in sustainability because the fundamentals of it are part of my core values. I am driven to be part of the transition to a circular economy and to contribute to a positive legacy for future generations.

I love spending time at the beach, bush walking through our beautiful native NZ bush and spending time with my family in our veggie patch and the work in progress known as our garden.

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