Robert Bartolucci

Senior Consultant

North America

With a career that has spanned finance, sales operations, and multi-sector consulting, I’ve honed my skills towards developing, managing, and implementing projects for a more climate-resilient planet and a healthier society. Supporting clients in their sustainability journeys began with my work in building financial models and storytelling through data and has since evolved into more technical expertise in areas such as carbon accounting, clean energy transition, product LCAs, and regenerative agriculture strategy. At the heart of my success is an ability to connect with just about anyone and advance relationships towards a mutual cause.

My favorite projects have been long-term engagements that rely on deep client partnerships, many diverse stakeholder perspectives at the table, and a need to get hands-on with the solution. My willingness to take on these types of projects has given me a range of experiences, from partnering with a local government to study how infrastructure correlates with poverty, to facilitating the adoption of EV chargers by small businesses, to retrofitting a real estate portfolio for water-saving measures. Through each of these projects, I relished in being able to elevate other voices in the room, and also to apply my technical and analytical skills to help clients think beyond their original assumptions.

I hold an MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School, a B.S.B.A. in Finance and International Business from University of Pittsburgh, and a Certificate in Global Management from Bond University in Australia.

I work in sustainability because I recognize the urgency needed to slow down and even reverse the societal systems that continue destroying our natural world. Many of the beautiful places I have visited in my life are at risk of being lost or altered forever, and that is a reality I cannot fathom for future generations. We have the tools and the knowledge needed to combat climate change today, yet a lack of education around sustainability principles has proven to be a major hinderance. Starting my career in more traditional business functions gives me the leverage to not only make the business case for investing in our environment, but to also show others the light who might be in the dark. I work in sustainability because I care for all living beings, and I see no other career path as being so critical in this moment of history.

In my spare time, I enjoy exploring maps to find the next adventure, whether it is backpacking in the mountains, visiting historic towns, or experiencing the culture of new places through food, live music, and art. I’m in a constant pursuit of ‘community’, to understand what makes communities thrive and fall, and maps have always helped me do that. When I’m not charting the next destination, I’m spending time with my family and friends, teaching and mentoring, reading, cooking, and discovering hobbies, particularly photography.

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