Richard Griffiths
Head of Industry Engagement

I joined Edge Environment after 13 years working across various sustainability roles in the UK. Most recently, I worked with the UK Green Building Council as their Head of Commercial Policy and Partnerships. This role brought together a number of my core skills, including policy analysis and advocacy; identifying and promoting best practice; stakeholder outreach and network creation; and business development and strategy.

During my time with the UK-GBC I led projects focussed on both residential and commercial property, working closely with organisations from across the building life-cycle – from property owners and agents to contractors consultants and product managers. As such, I have a detailed understanding of how these organisations operate, the challenges they face, and the solutions they can adopt. I hope to bring this knowledge to bear here in Australia, and in doing so to help Edge drive forward the sustainability agenda and reach new audiences.

Prior to the UK-GBC, I worked for the UK’s leading home energy efficiency consultancy, and spent five years with the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change. My academic background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Nottingham and a Master’s in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London.

Away from work I am a keen cyclist, scuba diver and a general lover of the outdoors; as well as a (veggie) foodie and disciple of craft beer (hooray for offices located next to breweries!). I’m also in the process of co-raising my own little army of eco-warriors, in the form of my two wonderful sons.