Richard Griffiths

Head of Industry Engagement and Principal Consultant

My role at Edge involves working with clients to help them define what their sustainability needs are, and to help design projects that will help them deliver triple bottom line value. Within projects I tend to get involved in strategy development; workshop facilitation and stakeholder engagement; climate change risk assessment; and green finance (esp. green mortgages).

It’s not a word of a lie to say that I like working on every project I’m involved with at Edge, though the most satisfying tend to be those where we’re working with a client new to the sustainability journey with ambition to make real changes to the way they do business. A great example of that was our work with Hammondcare, for whom we developed their first ever sustainability strategy.

Before Edge, I spent a long time working in policy, both for the UK Government and the UK Green Building Council. I have to say my favourite projects over that time were helping to develop the UK’s minimum energy efficiency standards for buildings, and getting the ball rolling on the UKGBC’s green mortgage work. The former legislation is now in place while the latter has developed into a full-blown, Europe-wide pilot programme covering 50 major banks. It’s always good to see your work make that transition from theory to practice.

I completed BA (hons) in Economics at the University of Nottingham in the UK, before then returning to academia to study for an MSc in Environmental Technology (distinction) in 2005-06.

I work in sustainability because I can’t imagine doing anything else. We have one planet, and I want it to be a place that my kids and the rest of humanity can live on in harmony with nature. I truly believe that’s possible, but time is running out fast. That’s why we need organisations like Edge!

Oh to have spare time… I have two young kids, so spare time is a rare thing! When I’m not trailing around after them, I like to scuba dive, swim, hike, camp, cook and brew beer.

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