Dr Prae Wongthong

Senior Consultant


I have a consulting and research background across various areas of sustainability, primarily climate adaptation, coastal management, sustainability strategy and resource recovery. A wide range of projects has given me opportunity to engage with people from multiple sectors including government, waste management, transport and water infrastructure, tourism and hospitality, NGOs and community.

My qualifications in environmental sciences and management, combined with my background in social sciences, allow for a holistic view and integrated approach when providing technical input to assessments and projects.

My favourite projects are the ones influencing behaviour change (at individual, organisation or community level) and facilitating continual improvement. In other words, projects with positive environmental as well as social outcomes. Some that come to mind are:

·      Coastal management and marine conservation in the Myeik Archipelago, Myanmar. I worked with a multidisciplinary team of researchers and practitioners to investigate fishing practices and their impacts on the ecosystems and identify management strategies to ensure ecosystems sustainability and well-being of people who depend on their functions and services. Our work has resulted in community-based protected area, sustainable fishing practices and transboundary conservation between border countries in the region.

·      Planning for sea level rise in the Limestone Coast, South Australia. I managed the project and worked collaboratively with local, regional and state governments which resulted in successful delivery of LiDAR acquisition over the 400km coastline, coastal inundation mapping and SA’s first interactive coastal flood mapping tool. This has been a solid foundation for the development of educational materials, awareness and capacity building programs and coastal adaptation planning in the region.  

Other projects I enjoy leading and contributing to are sustainability advisory for infrastructure projects such as Warringah Freeway Upgrade and Dungowan and Mole River dams; Review of the SA Container Deposit Scheme; Sustainability in the Fresh Produce supply chain; and Local Government Coastal Adaptation Planning.

My interest in sustainability took off at a young age, influenced by a snorkelling trip at a small coral reef island in Asia. I decided on a sustainability career path because I see both urgent needs and opportunities to protect the environments and manage resources sustainably. I am hopeful that being part of protecting the environment, means that the future generations could appreciate and experience a beautiful (if not better) planet.

In my spare time, I swim, garden and watch series. I enjoy travelling and catching up with family and friends over delicious meals surrounded by the blue and green.

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