Paul Moffett

Sustainability Consultant

North America

I specialize in life cycle assessments and carbon foot printing. I have used several different forms of LCA software and databases such as SimaPro, OpenLCA, GREET, ecoinvent, and agrifootprint. I have worked on numerous different sustainability and life cycle projects that stretch across different fields such as energy and agriculture.

My favorite projects have a strong team engagement and technical challenges. A project that allows me to use both my technical skills in LCAs and my communication skills such as team collaboration, presentation, and stakeholder engagement would be ideal. Much of this represents my experience in sustainability and life cycle assessments, where I have worked on a variety of different projects, including full impact analysis, research and literature review, and unit process design. I enjoy working on projects where I am able to use my skillset to make a positive impact on the world and on our community.

I am in my last semester of my Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering

I work in sustainability because I want to make a positive impact for our community and for our planet. Since sharing the same birthday as Earth Day, I have always felt a special connection with the world and nature. Growing up I knew I wanted to work in sustainability and I believe that circular economy and sustainable thinking is the future, and I am proud to be part of a group who is working towards that goal.

In my free time I love hanging out with my friends and family, I love to be active by playing different intermural sports such as football and golf. I love to get out in nature and go hiking and biking and of course, I love to play with my dog and take him on walks and trips to the dog park to play with his friends!

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