Narges Aflatounian 

Sustainability Consultant


My favorite projects are those where I work on data and put meaning to it by comprehensive analysis to facilitate organizations to make sustainable decisions for their operations. Some of the highlights are: 

·     Arup Input-Output Carbon Footprint – I’ve been working with Arup for 4 months as part of my capstone project for completing a master’s degree in Sustainability at USYD. The work has involved different stuff from financial data collection, input -output calculations, several presentations at different stage of project to both university and Arup’s sustainability team and finally writing a comprehensive report to reflect on the process, methodology, results, and recommendations. I feel as though I was able to apply my input-output knowledge gained from university course and put it into practice.

·     Fujifilm Business Innovation Australia (FBAU) Input-Output Carbon Footprint. This project is one of my favourites. As a Senior Sustainability Officer, I conducted the full cycle of Input-Output Carbon footprinting project for FBAU for all their offices across Australia. The work was extremely interesting to me as it gave me a thorough understanding of the business operations and its environmental impact through purchasing different products and services. 

My background is Engineering with a BSc in Railway Track & Structure Engineering and a MSc in Water Engineering from my first home country Iran (2010 & 2014). After arriving in Australia 4 years ago, I changed my career path and completed a Cert IV in Environmental Management & Sustainability at TAFE in 2019 and then a MSc in Sustainability at the University of Sydney in 2021. 

I work in sustainability because I grew up in an environment with high exposure to nature (both my grandfathers had their own fruit gardens and I spent most of my school holidays in gardens with fruit picking and exploring nature). I want to preserve nature. 

In my spare time, I take care of my indoor and outdoor plants. Most of my plants are gifts from my volunteering time in the bush! I have over a hundred pots and over 70 different plant species. I am a plant person.

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