Mike Twemlow

Senior Consultant


I work primarily in the circular economy advisory sector, with a focus on resource recovery, procurement, and carbon reduction through reducing organics to landfill. With a background in climate science, I have also worked in climate action, assisting in the delivery of climate change risk assessments. This work has allowed me to diversify across a range of sectors and solidify my foundations of sustainable development and management, working with small-medium sized businesses, multinational enterprises and government policy.

My favourite projects are those that require engagement across an entire team to ensure that change happens systematically, with measurable and tangible environmental and social benefits from the outset. I have largely worked in food waste avoidance and recycling initiatives which has outlined the impact that individuals and businesses can have by making small changes that lead to substantial environmental outcomes.

Most recently I have assisted in delivering a suite of online E-Learning modules for the City of Sydney’s Love Food Sydney program. The modules are focused on upskilling and supporting individual businesses and the City’s Better Building Partnership to tackle food waste avoidance and create lasting change across Sydney. I have also recently completed an advisory piece for the NSW EPA that delves into the opportunities for future infrastructure rebates that focus on the circular economy. With a focus on current international best practice infrastructure, equipment and policy case studies that have assisted in enabling a circular economy, recommendations were provided to the EPA to improve future rebate opportunities.  

I completed a Bachelor of Environment, majoring in climate science and environmental management at Macquarie University in Sydney in 2020. This background combined with my passion for the intricacies of global climate science has led to an in-depth knowledge on Australia and the worlds changing climate.

I am lucky enough to have grown up on Sydney’s beaches and have continually travelled along our beautiful stretch of coastline. These experiences have developed a deep appreciation for the natural environment. This combined with an endless curiosity for how the Earth’s systems operate naturally led me to the path of sustainability. I am fascinated by the role humans play in the balance of our ecosystems and attempt to make incremental changes in my own behaviour to hopefully prompt others to question and take positive action towards a better future.

In my spare time, I attempt to get in the ocean as much as possible and make the most of how close I live to the beach. My weekends are usually spent either at home with friends or up and down the coast camping whenever I can get away.


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