Merve Davraz

Sustainability Consultant


I have primarily worked in the sustainability and environmental space on major transport infrastructure projects, mainly major roads. The work I did was on recycled and reused materials through the Recycled First Policy, as well environmental compliance.

My favourite projects are those where I get to learn from others and get to teach something as well. These opportunities arise when problems are multi-faceted and require a collaborative team to solve it.

·      Geopolymer culverts – I had the opportunity to influence the sustainability and environmental impact of 40 culverts on a major road project. It was a collaborative process, involving the ecology team, suppliers, contractor and our Recycled First team (Ecologiq).

·     Northeast Link Project – Creating opportunity registers for major road projects had been my main forte so having the opportunity to do one for NELP let me be creative in my approach. I adapted to the level of knowledge NELP’s management and engineering team had on recycled and reused materials, and created a more visual booklet which was untraditional to the +500 line items on an Excel sheet.

I completed a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Civil Systems as well as a Master of Engineering (Environment) at the University of Melbourne. 

I work in sustainability because I believe as humans, we have an obligation to each other and future generations to create a livable, equitable and sustainable world.

In my spare time, I op-shop, sew, paint, try new arts and crafts, and do some meditation. I love finding old items and turning them into something new.

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