Maisie Auld

Head of Carbon & Climate Resilience | Principal Environmental Economist


I have a consulting and research background across an array of sectors, including climate change, ecosystem services, international development, transport and energy. As an environmental economist, I provide specialist technical input to feasibility studies, cost benefit analyses, multi-criteria analyses, economic modeling and decision-making support. I have significant experience examining social and environmental impacts and am highly skilled in analysis and modelling. My qualifications in economics, combined with my background in science and policy, allows for an innovative and thorough approach when providing technical input to economic assessments and other projects.

My favourite projects are those with positive social and environmental outcomes. Included in my career highlights are the following projects:

Socio-Economic Impacts of Palm Oil Policy, for the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture – I had the opportunity to undertake a research project in the Peruvian Amazon where I modelled various land-use trajectories to determine the impact of palm oil policy on deforestation, ecosystem services, labour allocation and food security. Based out of Colombia and travelling to remote villages in Peru, this project was an adventurer’s dream.

Economic Assessment of Coastal Hazard Risks, for Cardno – I conducted an economic assessment of the impact of pluvial inundation and coastal erosion under varying flood scenarios to aid local government decision-makers in the prioritisation of mitigation and management actions.

Global Drivers of Forest Certification, Master’s Thesis for Duke University – My graduate thesis focused on the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) forest certification, a global certification that promotes sustainable forest management. I examined the underlying socio-economic, institutional and environmental drivers of FSC forest certification. My primary question being: why has it accelerated in some countries and not others. The results of my study can be used to inform efforts to increase the reach of FSC forest certification, in turn spreading the responsible management of forests and the associated socio-economic benefits.

I have a Master’s of Environmental Management from Duke University in the United States with a concentration in Environmental Economics and Policy. As an undergraduate, I received my BA in Environmental Studies and Economics from Connecticut College.

I work in sustainability because I grew up spending my time in the outdoors, leading to a passion for all things environmental. Hoping to protect the natural world as much as possible, I chose environmental economics as a career to help businesses understand that sustainable choices are often also the most beneficial for both society and their bottom line. Our society will grow, and we’ll continue to develop, but hopefully we can do so in a sustainable manner.

In my spare time, you’ll find me taking advantage of living in such a beautiful location. I spend as much time as I can outside, either taking part in ocean swims or strolling along the many beaches and hidden walkways. On weekends and holidays, you might mistake me as a tourist enjoying all of the national parks Australia has to offer.

I am currently on parental leave. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you, please reach out to the team:

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For all other enquiries, please call the Edge office on 02 9438 0100 or email and one of my colleagues will be able to assist you. 

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