Macarena Cisternas

Designer | Diseñadora

Latin America

As Edge’s graphic designer, I offer communication and marketing solutions through branding, strategic presentations, infographics and advertising campaigns. I also collaborate on initiatives related to sustainability such as Agrourbana, Chile Lagos Limpios, F4F (Food for the Future).

Previously, I was the brand and image coordinator for Fundación Chile ­– a non-profit organisation dedicated to innovation. Here, I was able to use design as a fundamental tool, establishing and promoting the institution’s key action guidelines for marketing and internal communications.

In my spare time, I’m a founding partner of UpaMamá – a start-up dedicated to the design, production and sale of maternity products, with a special emphasis on design and functionality.

I hold a Bachelor of Graphic Design from Universidad Diego Portales and a Masters in Applied Communications at Universidad del Desarrollo.

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