Lloyd Parker

Senior Consultant


During my 2 years at Edge, I have worked primarily within the waste sector as a resource recovery specialist. I have a passionate and enthusiastic approach to waste management and the circular economy, and have enjoyed working alongside both small-medium sized businesses and large multinational enterprises.

I have been lucky enough to work across a range of food waste avoidance and recycling initiatives in NSW where I have had the opportunity to engage with diverse range of people and businesses across many communities. My role in these programs has been to educate people and businesses about waste-reduction strategies, recycling, and overall sustainable business practices. I thoroughly enjoy inspiring change within organisations and enabling people to embrace the fact that small behavioural change will play an important role in large environmental outcomes.

I completed a double Bachelor Degree of Commerce and Liberal Studies majoring in Accounting and Environmental Science at University of Sydney. This background has provided me with the skills and business knowledge to relate to various clients and the realities of business. The combination these two disciplines has been particularly useful when justifying the financial viability of sustainable business practices.

Growing up around coastal regions of NSW, I developed strong affinity for the ocean and coastal landscapes. This has naturally progressed into a deep appreciation of the Earth’s ecosystems and an enthusiastic approach towards biodiversity conservation. I work in sustainability because my passion for the natural environment is a privilege that I do not want to take for granted. As a result, it is truly important to me that I do my best to help people and businesses where I can, on our journey to live harmoniously with nature.

In the rare moments that I’m not worrying about ocean microplastics or pestering my friends and family with recycling advice, I am a keen bushwalker, surfer, and adventure lover. I am also a guitarist in a 5-piece funk and blues band, playing at various venues around Sydney’s Northern Beaches and Inner West. On the side, I have co-founded a grass-roots social enterprise called ‘Recycool’ that primarily runs ocean and beach clean-ups in and around Manly.

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