Kirsty Hawkins

Office and Project Administrator


With a background in Environmental Science, I pursued a career in studying ecosystem health.  In my early explorations, I was very privileged to be able to work in the Greater Perth, Gascoyne, and South-West regions of Western Australia.  This was followed by a move to the United Kingdom, where I was able to learn about the ecology in different areas of London and the South-East countryside of England.  This regional view on ecosystem health allowed me to gain an appreciation for the vastness, beauty and complexity of nature and the urban environment. 

I love working at Edge as it is an ever evolving cog of bright minds trying to achieve the most out of any opportunity that allows the individual, the client and the community to better our understanding of how we can reduce the impact on our environment.  I enjoy the energy and enthusiasm that a new project, innovation or discussion brings to the team and how different sectors can be incorporated together to achieve a more holistic outcome for the client.

Outside of Edge, I love to spend my time with my family and friends in our local community, exploring the local aquatic and terrestrial environments.  We are very lucky that we don’t need to travel far too appreciate what nature has to offer.

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