Kevin Anderson

Solutions Architect


My favourite projects are those impacting urban environments and those which require me to analyse large quantities of data.

Cities are places where most of the global population live, so it is where you could make the greatest positive impact. So, I will always be keen to work on projects which improve cities liveability, and those which integrate nature into the built environment. Some of my favourite projects are:

TfNSW – Zero Emission Bus Strategy. I modelled the energy demand for charging electric buses under different bus replacement scenarios. This model is an essential part of a wider strategy that is being developed in collaboration with several consultants, TfNSW, contractors, service providers, and planning agencies.

ARTC – Inland Rail Dashboard. I developed a tool that will help ARTC to achieve their sustainability goals on the delivery of this program. The tool collects, analyse and presents hundreds of sustainability indicators from contractors and designers of the 13 projects of Inland Rail.

I was born and raised in Panama, at a time where its infrastructure megaprojects mainly drove the economic boom and the improvement of life quality of Panamanians. However, the positives outcomes of improving the country infrastructure came at the cost of pollution, resources depletion, and social exclusion. Later, during my first work experiences, I discovered that this was a global challenge rather than just a local issue, and I should do something to help. The ever-growing needs for new infrastructure should come in detriment of people’s lives and natural resources. I believe that positive outcomes could be achieved on all fronts when including a diverse set of stakeholders and making smart decisions with all the data available nowadays.

In my spare time I run, I do weightlifting, and I love going out for Latin dancing. I also like to read articles and books about politics, human behaviour, social issues, innovation, and design. So, during weeknights, you could find me reading and analysing some random unnecessary facts but on weekends…no way… you would probably find me at a Latin club, dancing the night away.

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