Kaixin Huang

Sustainability Consultant

North America

I have a technical background in carbon accounting, LCA modeling, data analysis, and scenario modeling. Research experience has also enhanced my problem-solving and storytelling skills. With solid technical skills and soft skills that I obtained from my previous experiences, I am ready to take this position at Edge and work closely with teams and clients to build a sustainable future.

My favorite projects are always based on solid quantitative analysis, such as carbon footprint projects and LCA projects. I enjoy using data to tell a story. I believe numbers are straightforward and powerful. Data can pinpoint the problem and provide potential solutions. In addition, I like to develop automatic calculation processes through programming, which can avoid tedious tasks. Last but not least, I always enjoy the collaboration within the team; I believe different perspectives can generate more creative solutions.

I have Bachelor’s degrees in Environmental Engineering and in Finance from Tianjin University and Nankai Universities, respectively. I have an M.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. I have a Ph.D. in Civil & Environmental Engineering at Northeastern University.

I work in sustainability because I want to be part of the solution to global challenges such as the climate crisis. After years of research focusing on national level sustainability strategy, I determined to transfer to a more practical track, which has direct interaction with different industry sectors. Countries all over the world have recognized the urgency of addressing the climate crisis. The business community, which is the foundation of economy, plays an important role in achieving our global carbon reduction target. Therefore, decarbonization in industry is the building block of sustainable development for all countries. With my expertise and passion, I can help different industry sectors to balance growth and environmental impact and to build their sustainability strategies.

I love spending my free time on music and film. I believe music and film not only can entertain people, but more importantly, can send a message and make people think about reality. I also enjoy exploring good restaurants with my friends.

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