Justin Vanderberg


North America

As a geographer, I look at spatial patterns to understand where changes are occurring, what’s driving those changes, and who’s likely to be impacted by those changes.

As an associate with Edge, I bring that spatial insight to the modern challenges of urban development, namely, how we continue to grow while avoiding the consequences of decreasing green space, increasing temperatures, and diminished quality of life.  Working with Edge over the last five years, we have created new insights into Urban Heat Islands, Urban Forests, Land Use Change, and Climate Resilience, among other issues.

I hold a Ph.D. in Geography from The Pennsylvania State University investigating the economic impacts of Arctic climate change. I now apply that expertise to understanding climate change impacts on the urban environment. In addition to my work in Australia, over the last ten years I have also worked extensively with international development agencies conducting climate change risk assessments and using spatial data to help prioritize locations, policies, and projects that will help the most people, most quickly.

Outreach and communication are core themes of my work. I focus on translating complex spatial data into useful information for decision making. Most of my work is presented as intuitive, accessible webmaps that allow users to engage with this information and explore what our results mean for the areas important to them.

I use all types of data, from satellite, aircraft, and UAV imagery, to climate change modeling outputs, to social vulnerability and demographic data, to old excel files: anything with a location is useful. 

True to my geographer’s nature, I love traveling and exploring the world. If you don’t find me on the road, though, you’ll find me at home in my woodshop balancing my digital work with analog outputs.

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