Julie Young

Principal Consultant

I completed a Bachelor of Computer Engineering and a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Pure Mathematics at UNSW, a Graduate Diploma in Mathematics and Finance at UTS, and most recently a Masters of Sustainable Development at UNSW. 

I work with clients to measure and reduce their impact across energy, emissions, transport, water, and waste. With a background in computing and maths I specialise in using data and analytics to deliver interesting insights and meaningful change. I started my working life in the finance industry and appreciate the need to develop a business case for any strategy. I have worked across a range of sectors including local government, property and education.

I love helping clients to find solutions that make the world a better place, with the best ideas often having positive environmental, social and financial outcomes. Some of my favourite projects include:

·      City of Sydney’s Environmental Sustainability Platform – This was a complex multi-year project to deliver a web tool for the City of Sydney which was used to collect, report and analyse their environmental data sets, including electricity, gas, water, waste, transport, and attribute data such as non-residential floorspace, population and visitor numbers. The tool was subsequently used by the City’s sustainability programs such as Better Building Partnership and Sustainable Destination Partnership.  It gained the interest of cities globally through the C40 organisation, leading to trials with cities such as the City of San Francisco, City of Mexico, Toronto and Buenos Aires.

·      Commercial Waste Zones for the Department of Sanitation New York – this was a fascinating study of fine grain waste carter travel and tonnage data in order to optimize commercial waste collection across New York City. In partnership with Arcadis, we developed a Commercial Waste Zones program which is estimated to reduce travel and congestion caused by waste carters by over 50%, as well as improve conditions for workers and strengthen customer service standards. I experienced the need for this first hand whilst jet lagged and being woken multiple times by different garbage trucks cruising past my Manhattan hotel room in the early hours of the morning!

·         Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategy for Three Councils (Randwick, Waverley and Woollahra) – This project quantified community emissions from energy, transport and waste across these three local government areas, and delivered a regional strategy which identified opportunities where Council could lead and enable the community to achieve emissions reductions. One of the recommendations led to the formation of the Solar My School program which has assisted schools across Sydney identify and install close to 6MW of solar panels to date, as well as providing education opportunities.

I have lived in Sydney, London and Houston, which has given me a fascinating insight into how history, culture, politics and urban forms shape people’s response to sustainability issues. I work in sustainability because I want to contribute to a cleaner and fairer future, and I enjoy the geeky optimisation problem of doing more with less. 

In my spare time I enjoy swimming and bushwalking, and am trying to gain some proficiency in the art of Wing Chun. I am also attempting to be self-sufficient by growing my own food.

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