Julian Marchant

Senior Consultant


I have a background in working with a variety of clients to deliver solutions both in a rural and urban setting. I have a broad knowledge of the agriculture and education sectors, particularly in relation to sustainability and have worked closely with businesses, associations, education institutions and communities to improve sustainability outcomes.

A focus of mine is to ensure sustainable, productive and profitable rural businesses and communities that benefit from sound land and water management. I have worked both within private and government roles to deliver sustainability outcomes across the land and water management, climate adaptation and waste sectors.

Some of my favourite projects have been in the behaviour change and education space. I enjoy planning, creating and delivering programs that work with stakeholders over a long period of time to encourage and motivate people to foster sustainable practices and values.  An example of this is a project that I worked on last year that involved school students generating, researching and implementing ideas to adapt to climate change within their own school or neighbourhood.

I have managed several enjoyable projects that have involved collaborating with peak bodies and farming associations to develop demonstration trials and community events, that showcase the economic and environmental benefits of improving land and water management practices. Through these practices, I see farmers adopting new technologies and strategies to adapt to changing conditions and climate change.

I work in sustainability because I love spending time in natural environments and I’d like to see my kids and future generations enjoy the world, in the same way that I have.  In my spare time, I play with my kids, play soccer, ride, surf, run and read. When I get the opportunity, I love to go camping and hiking.

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