Julia Rogerson

Sustainability Consultant


I work primarily in infrastructure, supporting my clients to achieve sustainable outcomes on major projects. This work involves a combination of Sustainability Advisory, Climate Change Risk Assessment, Internal and External Auditing and Data Collection and Analysis.

My favourite projects are those where I have been able to build strong working relationships with the project team to create an environment where people feel inspired, not intimidated, by their sustainability targets. I feel most motivated when I can see that projects are taking ownership of their sustainability initiatives and start reaping the benefits. Some of these projects include:

·      BMD Fitzsimons Lane Upgrade – I grew up in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne so have a soft spot for this project. ‘Greenie’ culture reigns supreme in this area but the project has taken this community pressure in their stride, pursuing some incredible initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and maximise their use of recycled material.

·      Winslow Lathams Road Upgrade – This project team has been challenged to achieve an ‘Excellent’ rating under the Infrastructure Sustainability Council IS Rating tool and have taken this requirement as an opportunity to educate their workforce and refresh their systems and processes to set Winslow up for continued success in the future.

·     Winslow Sunbury Road Upgrade – While this project is just getting started, the team has taken initiative to push the boundaries of traditional construction practices and implement some great initiatives. Building on the strengths and lessons learnt from the Lathams Road Upgrade, this project celebrates knowledge sharing and understands the importance of creating a strong sustainability culture. 

I completed a Bachelor of Environments, followed by a Masters of Environmental Engineering at the University of Melbourne. 

I work in sustainability because I think it’s the most valuable way I can apply my skills and influence to make a positive impact on the world. I love working with people and inspiring behaviour change, and really, sustainability is all about people.

In a past life, I worked as a snowboard instructor on the Canadian slopes and still try to get to the snow at every opportunity. Besides that, I love a salty swim at the beach, zooming around Melbourne back streets on my bike and cooking for friends and family.

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