Dr Joana Almeida

Principal Consultant

Ever since I can remember my own thoughts, I have been curious about the works of natural things. “Where does food go when I swallow it?” became, in the span of 20-something years, “How do greenhouse gases affect the climate?”.

That’s why I studied science – I started out at the NOVA University in Lisbon where I completed a BSc (hons) in Molecular and Cellular Biology, followed by an MSc in Energy and Bioenergy. I also hold a PhD in Bioscience Engineering from KU Leuven University, Belgium.

Working in sustainability means I can use science to help business, citizens and government in making decisions that are better for the planet and each other. I’m a studious and curious deep thinker, and I use those traits to find robust answers and collaborative solutions for our team and clients. My turf is frameworks and techniques, particularly Life Cycle Assessment, that generate solid evidence and data to inform action – the bit about science in Edge’s mission and purpose. Because this is so core to what Edge does, I work with the entire team and across all sectors.

I lead projects of research and analysis to support carbon management, product profiling and certification, organisational strategy, modern slavery risk management and advisory for sustainable production, consumption and policy. A few examples:

> Undertaking LCAs and carbon footprints for brands we interact with every day, such as Nando’s, THE ICONIC, Who Gives A Crap, Harris Farm Markets and KeepCup.

> Developing a guideline for when, why and how to undertake LCA of packaging for the members of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation.

> Collaborating with the Property Council of Australia and informed 365 to develop a supplier selection and management platform focused on mitigating modern slavery risk in the sector.

> Working with Horticulture Innovation Australia to research the triple-bottom-line benefits of green infrastructure and engage important stakeholders across the country on how to increase adoption of plants into our cities.

> Developing a life cycle assessment tool for Transport of New South Wales to help guide sustainability considerations in the Transport Access Program, which will be rolling out across train stations in the state.

>Our work with Green Industries South Australia on single-use plastic to support policy decisions.

In my spare time, you’ll probably find me camping, lacing up my boots for a hike, curled up with a book or near the sea, paddling or swimming. I also travel every chance that I get. My ultimate relaxation technique is birdwatching


  • LCA Accredited Professional
  • EPD Verifier
  • Climate Active Registered Consultant

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