Dr Joana Almeida
Senior Consultant

Sustainability is my chosen path, because I enjoy lending a hand to those who want to do right by the world in their business-making and governance.

My study was science-based – I started out at the NOVA University in Lisbon where I completed a BSc (hons) in Molecular and Cellular Biology, followed by an MSc in Energy and Bioenergy. I also hold a PhD in Bioscience Engineering from KU Leuven University, Belgium.

I now specialise in Life Cycle Assessment and its applications, footprinting studies, land-use change impacts and renewable energy – particularly bioenergy – and I have a strong (and creative!) R&D profile.

My favourite projects start with a diffused idea and end up delivering new tools, new approaches to analysis and new ideas to communicate. It is a very gratifying process to be part of a team effort to create something useful, positive and sometimes novel for our clients.

I have a cross-sector role at Edge, since we apply life cycle thinking so transversally. I’m involved in infrastructure, building products and building LCA projects, but I’m also keen to work with clients in the bioenergy and agriculture sectors.

In my spare time, I read, write, cook and am often near the sea, paddling or swimming. I also travel every chance that I get. My ultimate relaxation technique is birdwatching and I give something back to the birds by being an active member of wildlife conservation organisations.


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