Jess Braun

Senior Consultant


I join Edge as a Consultant within the Circular Economy and Lifecycle Thinking team. I come with experience supporting public and private sector clients in the resource recovery and circular economy space.

Prior to joining Edge, I worked as a resource efficiency and circular economy consultant delivering projects including material flow modelling; waste and emissions forecasting; resource recovery strategy development and infrastructure planning including options investigation and assessment, market analysis, feasibility research and funding applications. Other roles have focused on improving reuse of furniture in Sydney, the benefits of vegetation in the built environment to improve urban sustainability, and the impact of air pollution on the carbon flux of ecosystems.

Most recently, I delivered two material flow analyses for organic material and tyres across the Queensland economy for the Department of Environment and Science, Queensland. These analyses focused on identifying key material leakage points across the value chain and opportunities for partnerships between or within industry sectors to improve circularity of resources.

From the mountains to the coast, my love and sheer awe for Earth’s ecosystems and biodiversity has driven me to study environmental sciences and use my career as a tool to positively impact resource use and management and mitigate climate change and resource scarcity, as well as the inequality and injustice that matches these challenges. Decarbonising resource management and decoupling society’s need for products from resource depletion is my career ambition.

I’m thrilled to join Edge’s team of passionate and talented professionals, and make the most of their science based approach and expertise in sustainable procurement, lifecycle modelling, circular economy and policy development to work together towards the common goal of a more sustainable future.

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