Jacqui Bonnitcha

Principal Consultant

My skills are in the synthesis of complex ideas and technical information to develop solutions that are based on the best available science. I apply these skills across sustainability strategy and management, climate change adaptation and resilience, policy analysis and social value assessment.

My favourite projects are those with a clear purpose but without a predefined methodology. Formulaic responses can’t be applied to these projects, however the projects still need to be delivered efficiently. They require innovative thinking, adaptation of technical knowledge from different fields and thorough research. Some examples include:

Sustainable Procurement for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games – development of a tailored Sustainable Sourcing Code, hotspot assessment of environmental and social risks and Category Management Plans for all categories with material sustainability issues.

Guidelines to address uncertainty in climate change adaptation planning for the United Nations Human Settlements Programme – specific guidance to assist local governments to make adaptation plans despite uncertainty in climate change projections, socio-economic trends and policy environments.

International Residential Energy Efficiency Review and Policy Advice for the Department of the Environment– survey of residential building energy efficiency rating schemes to determine best practice in governance and administration, as well as review current evidence of cost-effectiveness of schemes.

I have a Master of Built Environment (Sustainable Development) and a Master of Development Studies (International Development) from the University of New South Wales. In my undergraduate degree I majored in Government and International Relations, Political Economy and Management. I have studied part of each degree overseas, in the Netherlands, Kenya and Sweden, to explore different policy and cultural contexts.

Sustainability is my ‘organising principle’. It provides me with an underlying purpose and logic to make sense of things. I’m not sure I could work in any other area!

In my spare time I am usually studying or doing whichever water sport is best suited to the weather that day. I am also quietly hoping that ‘future me’ develops the patience to properly tend my veggie garden.

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