Iris Caballero

Senior Consultant


I have worked in a diversity of projects in the sustainability area ranging from coordinating volunteers in a permaculture centre, beekeeping and educating, to consulting. Within Edge, I’m currently part of the Sustainable & Ethical Procurement team and provide analysis, modelling, research and reporting support to develop and implement guidance, solutions and tools through undertaking modern slavery assessments, LCAs; carbon accounting; and supporting the development of sustainability strategies.

I like the projects that challenge me and therefore make me learn new things through deep analysis and collaboration. My favourite projects, however, are those that are driven by the clients’ genuine willingness and passion to create a better world, or that have a direct and significant impact to lessen the social and environmental crisis we are globally experiencing. Some examples are:

·         Developing a tool for modern slavery assessment to help organisations identify hotspots within their supply chain and therefore to help addressing this issue not only locally but globally.

·         Developing sustainability strategies. I really enjoy being part of the whole process as it involves different steps that include getting the input from numerous stakeholders which provide us with valuable and diverse insights about what we do, and the different ways organisations may approach similar issues.

·         Carbon and climate projects as I believe climate change to be the most pressing issue we are currently experiencing and we all should take responsibility. Through these types of projects, we guide organisations to take climate action and find solutions.

Congruence between my job and the rest of my life is fundamental to me. Work fills a large portion of our life and it represents an important part of our impact in the world. Thus, it is essential for me to work where I can make a difference to leave a better place behind.

In my spare time, I like to enjoy with family and friends, have meaningful conversations: ask and respond philosophical questions, admire life and sunsets, exercise, read, watch documentaries and constantly learn something new.

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