Hrefna Gylfadóttir

Senior Consultant


I completed the three-year Enterprising Leadership course at Kaospilot, an international applied business school that specialises in creative leadership and meaningful entrepreneurship. I studied Graphic Design at the Iceland Academy of the arts, web design at Promennt, Iceland and photography at Krabbesholm Højskole, Denmark.

My focus is on environmental and social impact utilising my skills within design, leadership and communications. I have worked on various sustainability projects ranging from public speaking to leading teams engaging in systems change. Within the Sustainability Leadership and Communications team at Edge, I will help organisations accelerate their sustainability efforts and share their story.

I feel passionate about unlocking possibilities within sustainability and am enthusiastic when working with a team towards a strong mission. My favourite projects are those where collaboration, innovation and design are combined. Some examples are: 

·   Setting up a circular economy social lab in Copenhagen, Denmark. I worked with a group of 38 people over the course of three months to come up with initiatives for how to reuse waste, which proved challenging and exciting.

·   Starting a Free Fridge project in Denmark as a solution to food waste and food poverty in collaboration with Skraldecaféen (‘the trash café’). The project launched in 2017 and is thriving.

·   Consulting a zero-waste supermarket on how to engage a younger customer segment. During the project I adopted a zero-waste lifestyle myself, which was featured in national media in Iceland and Denmark.

·   Supporting the preparations of the 2019 Climate Reality Project leadership training at the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute within Melbourne University. The work included setting up a student climate impact competition and outreach to potential Climate Reality Leaders for the training.

There is so much opportunity for rethinking and redesigning the norm. I feel excited about bringing people together on that journey and making sustainability more accessible to everyone.  

In my spare time, I love filling my balcony with herbs, playing tennis and singing in a choir. I also enjoy nothing more than seeing a musical.

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