Dr Henrique F Togashi

Senior Sustainability Consultant

My specialities are Big Data Analysis and Management, Geographic Information Systems, Climate Modelling, Ecology and Plant Science. I have applied these skills to develop georeferenced climate datasets, vegetation maps and environmental rating tools. I often provide support to climate risk assessment dissecting and analysing complex climate datasets.

My favourite projects are those that involve ecological and climate systems. I am interested in using science to effectively measure, understand and manage sustainability. We recently launched an online software, the Building Resilience Rating Tool (BRRT), which is intended to rate the resilience of residential buildings to extreme weather hazards. I am currently working with the Insurance Council Australia to upgrade the BRRT from a beta version to a GA version. Additionally, I work elaborating Climate Change Risk Assessments of new buildings to satisfy Green Star requirements.

I have a Msc in Environmental Analysis and a Msc in Geography, both from Pontificia University Catholic in Brazil. I hold a PhD in Biological Sciences from Macquarie University in Sydney.

I work in sustainability because I want future generations to live in a planet where pollution is not an issue and natural resources are not exhausted. I believe we are all part of the sustainability crisis and we have to recognise our responsibility.

In my spare time, I like being active and outdoors. My favourite sports are surfing, yoga, snowboarding, football and running.

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