Hannah Turner

Principal Consultant | Sustainability Leadership


Having spent the best part of my career developing pro-social behaviour change communication, my passion lies in unlocking people’s ability to create positive, long term change. As a behaviour change specialist, I understand the importance and the nuance of translating complex initiatives into inspiring and actionable outcomes. At Edge, I draw on a decade worth of experience in brand strategy, behaviour change and consumer research to work with organisations to develop and facilitate their sustainability journey.

With over 80 per cent of our decisions driven by our subconscious and 300+ cognitive biases influencing said decisions, the need to translate complex and long-term sustainability measures are as important as the initiatives themselves.

 My favorite projects are those that are complex and multifaceted. That require stakeholders to work together to diagnose ways to motivate and inspire people to change their behaviour – for good.

For this reason, some of my favourite projects have been: 

·         The development of Sustainability Victoria’s food waste campaign, which with the help of comedian Cal Wilson turned the complexities of food waste into a fun and impactful family activity.

·         The creative development of TAC’s ‘give the space to ride safe’ program, which sought to change driver’s behaviour ahead of the introduction of state legislation.

·         Last but by no means least, working alongside Vichealth and Sport England to create and shape a behavioural intervention to overcome the fear of judgement and encourage women to exercise.

I have also been lucky enough to work with a range of top-tier organisations leading consumer research and the development of brand and business strategies, which I am equally proud of.

I am currently undertaking a doctorate at Monash University focusing on climate resilience and behaviour change. Prior to this I gained a first-class degree in Global advertising and marketing communications from The University of Greenwich London.

I work in sustainability because I believe that together we can sustain life on this planet. However, to do that we need to utilise learnings from psychology, neuroscience, and behaviour science to encourage people, organisations and governments to change their behaviour for good.

In my spare time, you can find me at the farm revegetating the land and attempting to convert a Mercedes sprinter into a stealth camper.


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