Emily Wells

Emily Wells
Resource Recovery Specialist

My role at Edge focuses on resource recovery and involves working with small to medium sized businesses to help define opportunities within their operations to reduce their waste footprint. I educate owners and operators of businesses about recycling and waste-reduction strategies and help drive both infrastructural and behavioral change to create positive environmental outcomes.

I completed a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Human Geography at the University of Wollongong. During my studies I explored and developed an understanding and appreciation of the interactions between people and their environment in the context of sustainability and environmental responsibility. I apply this knowledge and experience in my current role in helping businesses recognize their power in enhancing ecological and social outcomes by making sustainable choices and endorsing environmental best practice.

I work in sustainability because I take great interest in investigating the associated challenges and potential solutions to major environmental issues. We live in an age of convenience and the gap between environmental concern and action is persistent in our society. Working in this industry offers an opportunity to address this sense of detachment and be a part a larger movement which emphasizes how the impact of small collective changes can create positive environmental change.

I live quite close to the ocean so in my spare time I try make the most our beautiful beaches and take day trips along the coast line to explore hidden spots and cafes.