Elizabeth Cuan

Senior Consultant


I began my career working on strategies and solutions for transport projects for the public and private sector. More recently I have worked in Sustainability Strategy, Climate Change Risk Assessment, Climate Resilience, Resource modelling, Sustainability of Building Products and Life Cycle Analysis. This work has been in a diverse range of sectors including property, transport infrastructure, and Government.  

My favourite projects are those that are challenging and push me out of my comfort zone. Many of these projects allow me to learn more and grow as a person. Some that come to mind are: 

·      M1M3 Upgrade – Learned about the environmental impacts of the materials used for the construction of one of the most important infrastructure assets in the city.

·      Rozelle Interchange Climate Change Risk Assessment – Learned about the various climate impacts that may affect Sydney and its infrastructure in the future depending on how well we manage greenhouse gases.

·         Where We Build What We Build – Learned about tools to estimate the exposure and vulnerability of houses across Australia, strategies to increase resilience across residences in South Australia and integrated problem solving methods.

I work in sustainability because it allows me to address the bigger picture as an architect. It gives me the opportunity to create and design strategies and a built environment that will last and not affect the environment and people.

 In my spare time you can find me enjoying the outdoors either swimming, running, bushwalking or catching up with friends and family.

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