Dr Jenni Garden

Principal Consultant | Liveable Cities


Based in the Edge South Australian office, I deliver liveable cities and urban ecology projects throughout Australia. My clients are predominantly local government, though I’m increasingly working with community groups, schools, and private organisations.

I’m particularly interested in practical, evidence-based projects that aim to improve the liveability of our cities for people and the environment, increase understanding and awareness about the importance of nature in cities for health and well-being, and empower a change for good in our towns and cities.

Growing up on a hobby farm at the doorstep of Mt Bartle Frere in Far North Queensland, I’ve always held a fascination for our natural world. Some of my earliest memories involve devouring David Attenborough documentaries and exploring nature and wildlife – always inquisitive of the how, why, where, what, and when of any ecological interaction. This has instilled in me a curious mind, innovative thinking, and a deep held respect for our place in, and reliance on, the natural world.

In previous roles I’ve worked as a consulting ecologist delivering a range of field-based fauna projects in Queensland and New South Wales, including remote-area fauna surveys and urban development impact assessments. I have a Bachelor of Science (Honours 1) and PhD in urban ecology and landscape ecology from The University of Queensland, and a post-doctorate in urban ecology and climate change ecology from Griffith University.

In my spare time I enjoy being creative, running and cycling, time spent with family and friends, and bird watching with my husband.

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