Dee Davidian

Senior Consultant


I have primarily worked in Sustainable and Ethical Procurement, Sustainability Strategy, Climate Change Risk Assessment, Due Diligence and Corporate Risk. This work has been in a diverse range of sectors across government, non profit and for profit organisations, both in Australia and overseas.

I have a passion for working strategically across multiple internal areas and developing collaborative partnerships. Some that come to mind are: 

Modern Slavery Engagement – to work with  many multinational retailers on developing strong due diligence mechanisms and building supplier collaboration to combat modern slavery. This has included supply chain mapping and risk assessment to ensure there was a clear picture of the business to deliver a comprehensive statement. There exercises have led to changes being made at a factory level to minimise the risk of modern slavery and improve labour conditions.

Australia 2025 National Packaging Targets- I helped lead the development of a roadmap that set out how Australia would achieve the 2025 packaging targets. As part of the project we designed a series of collaborative workshops and worked closely with government and industry to deliver recommendations that targeted all aspects of a packaging value chain. The roadmap focused on several value chains and associated data, negotiating different preferences and priorities, and identifying a range of actions to be performed across multiple sectors.

I provided leadership and technical direction for the evaluation of the NSW Energy Efficiency Action Plan. I worked with a multi- disciplinary team to design an evaluation framework, conduct key interviews, perform data analysis, and deliver findings and evaluation reports within determined time frames. The evaluation was used to inform the policy and design of new energy efficiency and climate change programs delivered across government, business and household sectors. 

I have a well-rounded skill set including qualifications in sustainability, logistics and supply chain. I completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Sydney majoring in Government and International Relations and Asian Studies, and a Bachelor of Environmental Management at Flinders University. I have further completed a Diploma in Logistics and gained qualification as an APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional.

I am highly driven toward proactively embedding sustainability and ethical sourcing into core strategy and business operations, and particularly passionate about the impact a company’s supply chain has in promoting human rights, fair labour practices, environmental progress.

Across the week a lot of my spare time is spent between jazz piano, surfing, swimming and thinking of radio stories to produce for Eastside Radio.

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