Dr Daniel Rojas Sanchez

Principal Consultant | Carbon & Climate Resilience


I am an advocate for using technological improvements to drive sustainability. I have consulting and research experience in the analysis and design of processes within the energy, transport, food, and climate change sectors. My specialty involves using an engineering background to tackle complex problems, describe them with techno-economic and environmental modelling, and distil practical insights that lead to action.

My favourite projects are those that involve innovation and energy, requiring a multi-disciplinary approach to create processes that have sustainability in its core. I enjoy challenging the status quo and attempting the impossible. The collaboration of experts and passionate people holds the key to creating a low-carbon future.   

I have a BSc (Hons) in Chemical Engineering at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico and a PhD in Engineering from Monash University. The output of my research was a framework to quantify the sustainability of early-stage technologies focused on carbon capture and utilisation. 

Growing up and travelling in Mexico, I was marveled at the diverse ecosystems the world can offer but also at how quickly they have been affected by humankind. This realisation, along with a lifelong fascination to learn how things work, evolved into a passion for sustainability through science. 

In my personal time, I like to go sailing, diving, hiking, and mountain biking. I am also a bit of a latent musician, an art enthusiast, and a beer aficionado invested in promoting science through brewing.

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