Constanza Modinger Larrain

Senior Consultant

Latin America

I have primarily worked on Sustainability Strategies within the retail sector including the development of more sustainable clothing, improving logistics processes and sourcing of materials, working in community projects, and undertaking field work with not-for-profit organisations during natural disasters.

My favourite projects are those where several areas come together to improve processes which create a big impact, especially within the community.

1.     Development of a Sustainable Village: I was part of the team who rebuilt and installed sustainable components for new houses in a community that was affected by fires in Chile in 2016.

2.     Development of Sustainable Clothing Line: I was part of a team that developed sustainable targets and improvements of a clothing line for a big retailer.

3.     Improving Distribution and Packaging for items in a retail store.

4.     Development of a Social Education Program for a large retailer which was delivered in public schools.

I studied Commercial Engineering at Adolfo Ibañez University in Chile and have a Diploma in Strategic Sustainable Management from the Catholic University of Valparaiso.

I work in sustainability because I love nature and believe a sustainable lifestyle is the only way we can truly live in the community.  

In my spare time, I play beach volleyball, go paddleboarding, and enjoy any kind of outdoor activity. I love watching sports, especially NBA. I also like to cook and sew.

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