Charlotte Wang

Senior Consultant

My strengths lie in sustainability modelling and strategy, particularly in the development of mathematical models to support decision-making in a sustainability context and strategic development at corporate and government levels. I have experience in the civil infrastructure, waste and resource recovery, and social enterprise sectors.

My favourite projects are those that push the boundaries of what’s considered business as usual. Sustainability is a fledgling field in Australia, and I love working on projects that move our collective understanding of ‘business as usual’ that one step further. I am proud to contribute to projects that are scientifically rigorous, applying a sustainability mindset which considers social, economic and environmental factors.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering, with first class honours, from UNSW Australia.

I work in sustainability because it sits at the centre of a range of pressing and contemporary issues. I believe that fact-based and widely consulted reform within our existing institutions can result in responsible and lasting outcomes that address our current sustainability challenges.

In my spare time, I’m usually reading a book, or several books; these days mostly philosophy, history and art. I also love visiting Sydney’s galleries and museums, walking my dog, Lincoln, spending time with friends and family, and discovering new interests.

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