Carolynne Marshall

People & Culture Lead


I am a courageous and passionate HR Leader with strong business acumen and a dedication to supporting leaders and professionals through substantive growth and change.

I have partnered with a wide range of industries, enterprises, leaders, teams and individuals over my career where my deep understanding of organisational and human behavior has helped shape and drive the culture and impact of a business.

As a leader, I am authentic, inclusive, creative and practical. I understand intuitively which organisational levers to push and pull to deliver sustainable, lasting change. I use data, analytics and an evidence-based approach to back up my critical reasoning, judgement and cut-through observations and perceptions.

My value and impact are delivered through the collective success of a business.  I work with organisational structures and capabilities and offer and deep insight to current state, and deliver strategic influence and oversight to help realise the desired future state.

I shift fluidly from abstract reasoning to concrete, measurable action steps towards desired growth and change. I am also skilled at helping leaders, potential leaders, and individuals fulfil their own potential on a one-to-one basis – and find this work both sacrosanct and incredibly rewarding.

While formally qualified, I have adopted a lifelong learning approach to the study of organisational and behavioral psychology. What I have come to know as true: When a business works together intentionally, and has a clear purpose, mission, vision, values, and a deep commitment to a healthy, inclusive workplace culture – the rewards for all vested parties are profoundly multiplied.

All businesses are on their own journey – and my job is to find the mark, feel the future, and commit to the leaders, teams and people. I work as a change agent and guide to co-create sustainable solutions that fixate on end-result and work on catalyzing changes that enable our best selves and our best work to flourish in a sustainable, intentional way.

I feel privileged to be a part of shaping the culture and impact of a business, and I am honored by the trust and support I have received over my career to deliver on that promise. While humans are complex and nuanced, the basics of what professionals want and need in the workplace is not: People want meaningful, impactful work that plays to our strengths and allows us to grow and achieve great results, healthy relationships that channel and enhance our ability to make an impact, and a responsive culture that values the health, professional and personal development, and sustainability of its resources.

I love to connect with nature and spend time with loved ones, and I write, publish, read, reflect, and make art for its own sake. I have a deep personal interest in inclusion, and my lived experience of neurodiversity has strengthened and shaped my commitment to leave no one behind.

My partner and I have three children at university who inspire us profoundly. We live on the northern beaches of Sydney, where we are home and host to a 10-year-old beloved hound dog who is reveling in the new normal of Work and Study From Home.

When I get the chance, I love nothing more than to be on the top of a very, very big mountain that is covered in what I consider to be among the most precious of gifts of nature: pure, unadulterated snow.

Finally, I am deeply humbled to be working with Edge Global as we grow and expand our impact and work together to achieve our vision for the future.

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