Blake Lindley



I work primarily in the delivery, expansion and development of Edge’s resource recovery projects, where I’ve developed skills in industrial ecology, waste strategy, resource efficiency and auditing. Through this work, I’ve gained experience in a range of sectors including energy, waste, carbon markets and the circular economy, working both within government policy and also informing its creation.

My favourite projects are those that provide measurable and practical environmental impacts for the client. I get a great sense of fulfilment and achievement when working to deliver an appreciable change in behaviour or significant environmental improvement that prevents the waste of resources or excessive extraction of virgin materials.

In particular, Edge’s industrial ecology work has given me a strong exposure to industrial processes and waste streams, and the opportunity to innovate practical solutions that result in cost savings for the client and the recovery of otherwise wasted resources.

I studied an undergraduate degree in Agriculture and Resource Economics at the University of Sydney (2010) and have since undertaken a Masters in Environmental Management at UNSW (2014).

Preserving the environment we live in and our opportunities to enjoy it are my motivations for working in this industry. Within sustainability, I see the economy as a strong driver in the delivery of significant and perpetual environmental improvement. Sustainability consulting allows me to work with some incredibly inspiring people and projects, giving me new ideas, processes or challenges to approach.

I’m generally guilty of burning the candle at both ends and spend most of my spare time out of town – camping, surfing, snowboarding or any combination of the three.

Blake Lindley



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