Ben Hale

Senior Consultant


My specialties are primarily in Project Planning and Strategy, Environmental Modelling and Monitoring, Engineering Design and GIS development. This work has been across a diverse range of sectors including transport infrastructure, water networks, and government.

Some of my favourite parts of the job revolve around embedding sustainable design principles into projects at an early stage, showing designers and engineers that not only do these principles improve environmental outcomes but also often lead to improvements in a host of other areas, ultimately boosting triple bottom line margins.

I hold a BEng in Manufacturing Engineering from University of Limerick in Ireland and, in 2010 I completed my MSc in Environmental Engineering from Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland.

My passion for sustainability stems from having grown up around the natural wonders of the Southern Irish Coast, I’m an environmentalist by passion while equally, my technical aptitude points me towards the engineering and design sides of the world. In my eyes, sustainability and sustainable design is an obvious mix of the two.

In my personal time, I can usually be found climbing, cycling and getting underwater to scuba dive as much as possible. After dark, I’ll usually make a bee-line to find the nearest live music. I’m also a part-time yoga instructor which affords me a chance to maintain something akin to a balanced and focused mind.

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