Ashley Bartlett

Sustainability Consultant

New Zealand

As a sustainability consultant, and formally as an environmental scientist, in New Zealand, I have had experience delivering an array of projects across the sustainability, environmental science, and ecology fields. As such, I have technical skills in carbon foot printing, carbon footprint verifications, native plant and tree identification, and environmental impact assessment. The projects I have worked on have been for clients from a diverse range of sectors including primary industries, property development, building materials, and Government.

The projects I enjoy most are those that involve a truly multi-disciplinary approach, genuine engagement with stakeholders, and have a clear link to nature. I find it fascinating to hear different opinions about a problem, and I find the challenge of piecing together the different opinions and recommended approaches to find a suitable solution very rewarding! As such I have particularly enjoyed working on the following projects:

– Drought resilience planning for rural communities (Australia)

– Strategic water planning for a pulp mill (North Island, New Zealand)

– Preparation of riparian planting plans in collaboration with iwi (New Zealand)

I completed my BIntSt (Deans Scholar) in Peace & Security at the University of Wollongong (Australia) and J.F. Oberlin University (Japan), before finishing my MSc (Environmental Management; First Class Hons) from the University of Auckland (New Zealand).

I work in sustainability because I have a passion for the natural environment, and I’m driven by social justice principles. As a youngster I was lucky to live in, and explore, the beautiful Blue Mountains in NSW. As I explored more and more of this great wilderness area, I became in awe of the place and the species within it. Then, in my early twenties, I had the opportunity to travel and live abroad. My experiences abroad not only opened my eyes to new cultures and environments, but they also provided me an opportunity to develop new perspectives on social issues, like equality and opportunity. I can’t imagine, nor would I want to, a world without the diversity of people, cultures, animals, plants, and other species, many of which I have been fortunate enough to encounter.

In my spare time, you will most likely find me hiking up one of Auckland’s 53 volcanoes with my husband and our very energetic greyhound, Sandy, working on my Dutch language skills, or practicing my plant and tree ID – occasionally, all at the same time!

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