Adam Garthwaite

Sustainability Consultant


My consulting background has primarily been in the environmental planning and approvals area. This includes environmental impact assessments, biodiversity offset scoping studies, compliance reporting, and the development of rehabilitation strategies. Outside of consulting, I have experience engaging with stakeholders from government, NGOs, and the broader community.

I completed a Bachelor of Science (majoring in Zoology and Marine Biology) in 2018 at the University of Queensland. Following this, I completed a Master’s in Conservation Science in 2020, also at the University of Queensland. My Master’s thesis focused around the inclusion of co-benefits (such as ecosystem services) within biodiversity offsets. I also recently completed a certificate in Sustainability and Climate Change Risk Assessment from the Global Association of Risk Professionals.

My favorite projects are those which require unconventional thinking and sit across multiple fields or disciplines. These projects provide great opportunities to bring people together who have varying backgrounds and expertise and can result in the development of innovative solutions with enormous positive environmental outcomes.

My interest in sustainability started from a young age during hiking and camping trips with friends and family. Through these trips, I began to develop an appreciation of nature and all the benefits humans derive from the environment. I decided to work in sustainability to help ensure that future generations get to enjoy these same benefits and have similar positive experiences out in nature. 

In my spare time, I enjoy being active, whether that’s through calisthenics, hiking, or rock climbing. I also enjoy exploring new places and going on frequent camping trips

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