Dr Marie Le Pellec
Senior Consultant

My specialties are sustainability strategy, environmental performance and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). I have worked on a broad range of projects in France, the UK and Australia, from assessing the environmental value of satellites at the French space agency to improving sustainable outcomes of major Sydney infrastructure projects. I have experience in the energy, construction, telecommunication, food, space and public sectors, among others.

My favourite projects are those where sustainability performance can be achieved in accordance with economic challenges. These projects require innovative processes to engage all stakeholders and deliver shared environmental values. Given the range of services Edge provides, I can contribute to this goal by supporting organisations in implementing key steps of their sustainability road map, such as:

  • Identifying their environmental hotspots
  • Defining goals and science based targets
  • Implementing processes, such as sustainable procurement, to achieve impact reduction
  • Communicating results efficiently

I am pleased to currently work on projects involving:

  • Infrastructure Sustainability rating (IS rating) submissions
  • Alignment with the WELL building standard
  • Sustainability strategy and procurement support for leading organisations
  • Setting greenhouse gases emissions targets, based on the Science Based Targets initiative, for a major Australian organisation

These projects often start with a Life Cycle Assessment, at product, project or organisation level. The diversity of projects and sectors, and the use of tools based on sound science, are a guarantee of constant adaptation and valuable knowledge sharing. They are also the best motivation to get out of bed and go to work every day!

I have a Msc in Life Sciences Engineering from AgroParisTech in France, where I also completed a Msc in Environmental and Energy Economics. I hold a PhD in Strategy Management from Ecole Polytechnique in France.

In my spare time, I travel around Australia. Hiking is my favourite way to discover and enjoy beautiful Australian landscapes (along with diving and kitesurfing). When the weather is not good enough, I always have an on-going project waiting for me at home, from creating tables to reupholstering armchairs and sofa. If I have some time left, I will bake chouquettes or lemon tarts, so as not to forget my French heritage.