From us to you: Our New Year’s resolutions – can we stick to them?

We went around the office and asked each team member what their New Year’s resolutions would be for 2017. What will yours be?

Joel: To have a least two meat-free days/week. A health and environmental choice.

Sarah: To slow down.

Tati: Remember to act with love.

Ken: Same as every year: get fitter, healthier and happier!

Joana: A sustainable world needs sustainable organisations, ventures and, above all, individuals. We need more generosity, more care, more empathy and more balance. My resolution for 2017 is continuing the hard work of living up to this standard, every day. Except if I’m grumpy, then I have a day off.

Jonas: Spend more time with family and my two young kids, so I have no regrets when I’m old(er).

Jon: Be more active (not physically!)

Tom: Carry on.

Alexis: Make the most of every opportunity!

Jacqui: More surfing (I think it has been the same for the last five years!)

Henrique: Go surfing more often.

Marie: I have been inspired by a recent holiday to Lord Howe Island. The island’s beauty made me even more aware of the value of water, the impact of waste, etc. It becomes so clear why we should manage our resources and waste when the impact is at our doorstep. People on Lord Howe are doing great work. My resolution for 2017 will be to do more in my everyday life for the environment, but also for myself… Everything is connected.

Alarna: To stay calm during my first year as a mum-of-two and to continue making habitual changes to create a sustainable home environment.

Jimmy: I am going to try and live completely waste-free! I am nearly there, and by buying products from companies that focus on reducing waste I think I will be able to recycle or reuse everything I would have thrown in the bin.

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