Breaking news: NCCARF launches Coast Adapt risk assessment tool

NCCARF Coast AdaptToday the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) launched Coast Adapt. As an information and decision support tool, Coast Adapt is set to help coastal managers in Australia assess risks and impacts and understand adaptation options. It is the culmination of the NCCARF journey to date.
Launched to an invited set of stakeholders in Melbourne, Coast Adapt is in beta form and open for review through NCCARF. The tool provides detailed information on local-scale risk assessment through to developing business cases and financing adaptation. 
Helen Wilson, Department of Environment and Energy said we are all stewards of this portal, to enable it to succeed we need to use it, provide feedback, anecdotes and tell the story of the value that it adds to our work and adaptation to climate change in Australia”.
Dave Rissik, Deputy Director, NCCARF is excited to launch Coast Adapt to the adaptation community and sees this as the beginning of a new phase, where Coast Adapt builds capacity and informs adaptation to climate change.
Edge Environment has been contributing to NCCARF since its inception and congratulates NCCARF on this achievement. Thank you for this important step forward in adapting Australia to climate change.
Coast Adapt is available at
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