Meet Our Edgers: Hrefna

In our first “Edger” spotlight for this year, Hrefna (Hef) from our Sustainability Leadership & Communications team shared with us why she works in sustainability and what led her to Edge.

What led you to pursue a career in sustainability?

Growing up in Iceland, surrounded by breathtaking nature and learning about climate change, I became a climate activist at a young age. While studying leadership at the international business design school, Kaospilot, I got the chance to work on sustainability and systems change projects, which led me to pursue a career in sustainability. I feel grateful to be able to contribute and act on climate in Australia during this critical decade.

What drew you to Edge?

I was drawn in by the people at Edge. I wanted to work in a tight-knit team environment where innovation and creativity were celebrated and applied to diverse projects. Sustainability can be complex, and at Edge, I feel I have the chance to help make it more accessible and engage people on this mission.

I am inspired by my team’s expertise and commitment to change every day.

What sort of work do you do at Edge?

As part of the leadership and communications team, I support organisations inbringing their sustainability goals to life and communicate their efforts to stakeholders in an impactful way. This is important because it helps people understand and support sustainability initiatives.

This work includes helping clients report on sustainability, communicate their sustainability approach through branding and storytelling as well as designing and facilitating processes for teams to enable change.

What do you enjoy most about working in sustainability?

I love working in sustainability because it applies to everyone in every business within every sector. Anyone can practice sustainability leadership within their context. I get excited by the sense of urgency and how it encourages us to rethink business as usual and act courageously.

What advice would you give someone who is looking to shift careers and make the move into sustainability?

Sustainability is ever-evolving and no one has all the answers yet. Therefore, being comfortable developing new skills, reprogramming your assumptions, and staying curious are strengths.

I’d also advise you to talk to people who feel happy and balanced in their work. I find people who experience sustainability in their lives have the capacity to catalyse change in their careers.

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