Meet Our Edgers: Daniel

Daniel joined Edge as a Senior Sustainability Consultant in 2021. With a PhD in Engineering and previous experience in consulting, he brings a wealth of skills and knowledge to Edge’s Carbon and Climate Resilience team. Read Daniel’s story below:

What led you to pursue a career in sustainability?

Much of it comes from growing up in and travelling around Mexico. I had the privilege of exploring many corners of my country and experience the amazingly diverse ecosystems it offers. But that also made me realise the alarming speed at which the environment has deteriorated.

I have always had a fascination to learn how things work, which ultimately led to an interest in science and engineering. This interest merged with gradual environmental concerns and formed a passion for sustainability driven by science and technological improvements.  

With a Chemical Engineering background and experience as a consultant for (predominantly) energy companies in Mexico, I sought further education through a PhD in Engineering at Monash University in Melbourne.

My research used several techno-economic and environmental modelling techniques, such as input-output analysis and life cycle assessment, to select and assess the sustainability of technologies that use carbon capture and utilisation. This period consolidated the skills and approach that I intend to use to drive sustainable solutions for a low-carbon future.

What drew you to Edge?

Towards the end of my PhD, I wanted to go back to consultancy work, but with a key difference (now being fully invested in sustainability). The moment Edge popped up in my search, I was immediately drawn to the organisation, especially because of their science, strategy, and storytelling approach. Edge is unique in its approach towards sustainability, since this same balance is linked to strategic storytelling and the best way to get those insights across. Upon meeting a few people at Edge, it was evident that this was a passionate bunch that walk the talk – and that sealed the deal for me.

What sort of work do you do at Edge?

I’m a senior consultant within the Carbon and Climate Resilience team, with a special overview of the carbon space. This means helping clients understand their carbon footprint while developing strategies to mitigate those emissions. I have helped numerous organisations with roadmaps to achieve carbon neutrality, Science-based targets, and net zero emissions. With a tangent passion for data analysis and innovation, I work in collaboration with other parts of the company to develop tools/products that can make our processes more efficient and provide further insights to our clients.

What do you enjoy most about working in sustainability?

There is nothing more fulfilling than having an engaging and challenging job invested in a higher goal: contributing towards a meaningful and global positive change. It is reassuring to wake up and know that the effort I put into my work every day is a step forward to improving how humans live and interact with this planet. We can only get through this sustainability revolution by working together, so I intend to keep working with committed professionals such as my team and enjoy every part of the journey.

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