Make More Good in January – Save the Children

Each month, Edge Environment chooses a staff member to donate money (on Edge’s behalf) to a charity that aligns with Edge’s values as part if its ‘Make More Good‘ campaign. This January, Tom Davies (Co-founder & Board Secretary) chose the charity ‘Save the Children’ and here’s why.

Survival, protection, development and participation. If you are reading this then it is most likely that these basic attributes of your life have been provided for by loving parents, family or foster parents who have done their best to make you who you are, and enable you to contribute to a continuously improving global society. Save the Children is working around the globe to improve the lives of over 62 million children, the next generations, many of whom have not got guardians to assure them their basic human rights. With Save the Children helping children and families in 123 countries from around the world, this charity makes a significant impact.

Thank you to all families, friends and colleagues that enable us to contribute more broadly through organisations like Save the Children. To all kids around the world – love to you all.

If you’d like to understand a little more about the charity, Save the Children, please watch this two minute video by clicking here.

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