Make More Good for November 2019: Bushfire Wildlife Care

Make More Good for November 2019: Bushfire Wildlife Care

Edge Environment’s monthly ‘Make More Good’ donation sends $300 to a worthy cause nominated by a staff member. In November, 2019, Edge’s Senior Consultant, Joana Almeida, chose WIRES to be the recipient.

It’s a week from hell in New South Wales and Queensland, and wildlife is often an overlooked victim. That’s why, with Edge’s help, I’m making multiple donations to capable organisations that are out there rescuing and healing Australia’s critters in the bushfire emergency.

Australia’s onslaught on its own biodiversity is the stuff of History. It’s Historic in its scale, speed and the value of the loss.

I want to praise the exception, those who tirelessly save what can be saved, from large conservation and rescue organisations to those everyday citizens who live to help (check out this great story of a couple who keeps injured koalas in their living room!).

As I’m writing this blog, these people have an emergency in their hands, with thousands of wild animals being impacted by the bushfires in NSW and Queensland. That’s why I asked Edge to bring forward my annual Make More Good donation by a month, so we could channel some much needed financial help to a few organisations that are, right now, actively rescuing wildlife, minding the injured and preventing further loss to bushfires.

This month’s Make More Good donation of $300 goes to WIRES’ emergency fund.

I’m donating a further $250 to Port Macquarie’s Koala Hospital and $250 to Birdlife’s fire emergency efforts.

If you want to help as well, use the links above to donate or chose another organisation that needs assistance, such one of Queensland’s or NSW’s wildlife hospitals. If you prefer direct action, you can volunteer or become a certified wildlife rescuer and carer in your state.

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