Make More Good for May 2021

Edge Environment’s monthly ‘Make More Good’ donation sends $300 to a worthy cause nominated by a staff member. In May 2021, Edge’s Sustainability Consultant, Prae Wongthong, chose the Australian Migrant Resource Centre to be the recipient.

Over the past ten years I have been involved in organising community events and providing social support to the multicultural societies in South Australia through volunteering. People from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds have impressed me with their wisdom, values, strengths, and resilience on so many levels. Many migrants are facing difficulty in settling into Australia and seeking employment in the new country. I came across the Australian Migrant Resource Centre (AMRC) in 2016 while volunteering at an event hosted there. As I learn more about them, I feel that the works they have been doing for these migrants, such as Women’s Empowerment Program, Youth Leadership Program, Multicultural Employment Hub, absolutely deserve recognition.

The AMRC is a not-for-profit organisation serving in humanitarian and migrant settlement and capacity building in SA. Their programs focus on supporting and empowering new arrivals to pursue their endeavors through volunteering, skill development training and employment initiatives. Women, youth, elderly, and people with disabilities are benefiting from these initiatives. In June every year, the AMRC celebrates the contributions of refugees to South Australia and raises awareness of the issues encountered by refugees, with an aim to promote harmony and community engagements. I would like to join other 100 organisations in supporting over a thousand of individuals to showcase their success stories during the Refugee Week SA “Unity – the Way Forward” (to be held 20-26 June 2021 to coincide with the UNHCR World Refugee Day on 20 June).

I am pleased that Edge’s May donation contributes to the support for migrants. I would like to see more migrants achieving their goals, contributing to the Australian society and economy, and living happily in their new homes.

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