Make More Good for June: Bob Brown Foundation

Edge Environment’s monthly ‘Make More Good’ donation sends $300 to a worthy cause nominated by a staff member. In January, Edge’s Head of Delivery Max Van Biene chose the Bob Brown Foundation to be the recipient.

While the work I do as a Sustainability Consultant has its own unique rewards, often I feel as though I am one or two steps removed from the front line. I’d like to think that through my work I help to drive incremental changes toward a more sustainable future, but sometimes, just sometimes it feels like I’m slowly bludgeoning my head against a stark, cold, black coal face.

Thankfully, this month I was lucky enough to be able to choose the charity to which Edge will donate our regular Make More Good Charity Donation. After some thought I have decided to direct these funds to The Bob Brown Foundation. The reasons are as follows:

It supports direct action: There comes a time in one’s life when you need to say enough is enough and chain yourself to a bulldozer. By that I mean, stop sitting behind a desk, put your body on the line and get stuck in. I’ve been lucky enough to do this only a few times in my life, which for me is certainly not enough. Today, my personal and professional commitments prevent me from getting out to the ‘front line’ as much as I’d like. So, in light of that, I’d like to think that this small contribution might in some way go to feeding a sandwich to that fearless eco-warrior with his arms chained around a bulldozer wheel positioned outside the Tarkine, or contribute to the rent of the tireless campaigner barricaded outside the Adani offices. Recent successful direct action protests in the UK and Germany (even in the last week) have demonstrated how effective this form of work can be. It is tough work and probably some of the most valuable work that could be done.

Action on Adani: I was overseas when I heard the recent news about the Adani approval. This approval only heightens the need to take more aggressive direct action. When all other avenues are lost, get the chains out. This is without doubt the most symbolic and potentially catastrophic decision that the Federal and State Government’s will make on Australia’s contribution to global progress on addressing climate change. I know the Bob Brown Foundation have other plans in the pipeline if or when construction works start proceeding on this project.

I know these people – They are good – They are passionate: I am good friends with several people directly linked to the Bob Brown Foundation. They do what they do for no other reason than a deep seeded love for our planet. I know these fund are going directly to those people.

In addition to the $300 contribution from Edge, I will also be personally contributing $100 in addition to past contributions.

If you’d also like to donate, go to

And, if you are heading to the Tarkine or Adani front lines, let me know….. I might pack my chain and come along for the ride.

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