Make More Good for February 2021

Edge Environment’s monthly ‘Make More Good’ donation sends $300 to a worthy cause nominated by a staff member. In February 2021, Edge’s Sustainability Consultant, Julian Marchant, chose Camp Quality to be the recipient.

Every year since 2016, a group of friends and I have played a small part in the organisation and support of Cherry Ball, an annual fundraising event that marks the ripening of the first batch of new season cherries, grown locally in South Australia. Cherry Ball has been traditionally well supported through a network of agricultural and independent green grocer businesses. The considerable amount of money raised through Cherry Ball is in aide of Camp Quality. In 2020, Cherry Ball like many other fundraising events did not proceed.

The effect that COVID-19 and social distancing has had on the capacity of charities to host annual fundraising events has been immense. Many charities source the majority of their funds through events, with particular marquee events providing an important injection of cash to continue critical work. Like business, charities have been innovative, creating new revenue streams through alternative socially distanced fundraising events. However, for many charities this may not be adequate to fill the void left by the loss of their largest annual fundraising events. 

This Make More Good contribution is sent to Camp Quality, a charity that makes a huge difference to children and their families affected by cancer. The impact of having a child diagnosed with cancer is felt not just by the child but by the entire support network. This includes family, friends and the broader community. Camp Quality provide an opportunity for kids to be kids again, providing joy for kids and their families suffering from cancer.

Camp Quality organise and run camps, family fun days, retreats, in hospital and at school care programs to provide days of respite for families and moments of delight for children living with cancer.

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