Make More Good for February 2020: Clever Care NOW

Edge Environment’s monthly ‘Make More Good’ donation sends $300 to a worthy cause nominated by a staff member.  In February, 2020, Edge’s Sustainability Consultant, Ben Hale, chose Clever Care NOW to be the recipient.

Have you heard any of these names? Clarissa Barton, Walt Whitman, Calamity Jane? Once Florence Nightingale is added to the list, does the link become clear? To be fair, this isn’t a normal pub quiz and is perhaps a little obscure, but given the unprecedented scale and oddity of the current Coronavirus pandemic, the link across this group is that they were all nurses.

Clarissa Barton was the founder of the American Red Cross after having volunteered, as a nurse, in the American Civil War. Walt Whitman is most famous for his poetry but he also cared for the wounded in the Civil War; his writing later contributed to early research into Phantom Limb Syndrome. Lastly, despite her fame coming from her skills with a rifle (and a shot glass), Calamity Jane (real name Martha Jane Cannary) was a nurse in a smallpox hospital in South Dakota.

Nurses and medical practitioners have long been a pillar of the ongoing development of our societies and our culture, living with the courage, humility, and selflessness that we are taught in early life throughout the world. At Edge, we try to put the same courage and humility into our work in finding solutions wherever we can.

On a personal level, Clever Care NOW (formerly Nurse On Wheels) have been a huge help to my family. When my grandmother became more and more immobile and frail, in-home care was essential. When my Aunt was in a similar position, Nurses on Wheels (as it was at the time) gave her all the support she needed, both medically and as a link to the outside world.

Nearly 20 years later and the crucial nature of their services has not waned and as we move toward potential restrictions on movements and reduced availability of hospital space, in-home nursing services will likely become more and more vital. Clever Care NOW serves the growing needs of in-home assistance around skin and health checks, mobile physiotherapy, and post-operative nursing care for surgery recovery.

Should hospitals in Australia have to follow suit with their European counterparts, care for those who need to steer clear of public wards will become ever more important and I sincerely hope that this organization and those like it get the support that they need.


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